A Hybrid machine

Aha! H1K

Precise and powerful system with a large build volume, Aha Machines sets a new standard in high performance 3D printers. The Aha H1K, based on Hybrid Manufacturing Technology, combines additive and subtractive manufacturing to deliver precise components. A versatile production system designed and built to world class standards, whose accuracy, throughput and repeatability are unmatched. It meets production demand with ease, whether you are printing manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures, functional prototypes or end-use low volume production parts, the results are consistent results. 

Aha H1K offers material versatility. Parts can be built with a range of thermoplastics from general consumer grade to high performance engineering plastics with, enabling durability and endurance.



Technology: Hybrid Manufacturing

Build Volume: 1 x 1 x 1 cubic meter

Layer thickness: 100 microns and above

Accuracy: +/- 20 microns

Tool carriage: Tool holder with tool-changer architecture

Installable tools: Filament extrusion based tool head, Pellet extrusion based tool head, Milling based subtractive tool head, Camera based inspection toolhead, Other customized toolhead

Printing material: Based on toolhead (detailed later)

Build platform temperature: Upto 150 °C

Build platform: Magnetic, flexible stainless sheet based

Build chamber: Enclosed, Upgradeable to a heated chamber upto 100 °C with insulated walls, insulated bellows and air-blade.

Speed and acceleration: Max XY speed- 1000mm/s, Max XY acceleration- 2000mm/s2, Max Z speed: 50 mm/s, Max Z acceleration- 200 mm/s2

Repeatability: +/- 5 Microns


Chassis: Sturdy heavy duty cartesian coordinate system

Linear actuators: HIWIN Ball screw + slide rails

Positional accuracy: 5 microns

Motion system: Servo driven XY axes with 16 bit encoder accuracy.

Accepted filament spools: Upto 5 kg spools

Spool drying mechanism: Heated, demoisturizing compartment for spools

Supply: 230V, 3 Phase AC

Power consumption: 5KW for control and motion systems, 5KW for heated bed

Ethernet: Available, 1 Gbps

WiFi: Available, 802.11n

USB: Available, three ports

Camera: HD Camera to observe the print

Data import format: STL, AMF, OBJ

Slicing software: One license of Simplify3D included

Resume after power failure: Available

Ability to replay blocks: Avialable

Filament Extruder

Nozzle Temperature: 400 °C

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm to 1mm

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Production speed: Upto 100cc/hr

Type: Forced air cooled

Pellet Extruder

Temperature: Upto 300 °C

Extrusion diameter: 2mm to 8mm

Pellet size: 3mm

Production speed: Upto 500 cc/hr

Type: Screw extruder, three heated zones

Milling Toolhead

Spindle RPM: 6000

Tool Dia: Upto 4mm

Oiling: Self-lubricating oil pump based

Maintenance: Easy visual inspection without having to open panels etc

Nozzle: Easily replaceable by operator