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Aha Machines
is born.

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The Aha H1K
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A Hybrid Manufacturing Machine

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3D Printing goes Mainstream
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The Aha H1K is designed to produce actually usable parts, right out of the machine.

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Aha Machines is the new avatar of Aha 3D Innovations, and we are here to bring world-class machines, coupled with delivering unparalleled value and joy of ownership to the users.


Aha! H1K

Aha H1K is a manufacturing machine based on Hybrid, i.e. additive+subtractive technology. It brings to you the best of both worlds – the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of additive manufacturing together with the precision of subtractive manufacturing.

The foundation of Aha Machines is the years of Research that has gone into additive manufacturing. We share some research papers that have resulted from older generations of Aha machines.

Using AHA 3D Printers to Speed-up Prototyping Phase at Genus Power Infrastructures Limited.
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Bhoumik Ventures doubled its sales with 3D Printed Demo Products.
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